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Humankind on the Moon

Learn about the first moon landing and about NASA's Artemis program that will soon land the first woman on the moon. Then, build a model of the first moon landing.

Videos Courtesy of NASA

Moon Landing Model


  • Small Paper/Plastic Cup

  • Large Bottle Cap or Similar

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Straws

  • Flour or cornstarch

  • Paper or plastic plate

  • Small toy ball(s)

  • Tape

  • Scissor

  • Printable Cutout Sheet for Activity (found at Bottom of Cosmoto's Week 1 Site Page).


Step 1

Cut out all shapes on the cutout sheet. Cut about a 2 inch long straw piece. Tape the large paper American flag to to the end of the  straw piece. Use tape on both sides of the straw to attach the flag to the plate.

Step 2

Bend the astronaut cutouts backwards. Then, attach a piece of tape to the end of the astronaut cutout and tape the cutouts to the plate.

Step 3

Pour flour or cornstarch onto the plate to cover the entire surface of the plate. Use a small toy ball to make "craters" on your plate.

Step 4

Wrap aluminum foil around your small paper cup.

Step 5

Cut out 4 straw pieces, each about 2 inches long. Wrap each straw piece in aluminum foil.

Step 6

Tape each straw piece to the paper cup (as legs). Also tape the small American flag cutout and the United States box cutout to the spacecraft.

Step 7

Wrap your large bottle cap (or similar) in aluminum foil.

Step 8

Attach the large bottle cap (or similar) to the paper cup using a piece of rolled-up tape.

Step 9

Land your lunar module on the moon. You've completed your moon landing model!

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