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Voyager 1 and 2 are the only spacecraft that have left our solar system and entered interstellar space! Learn more about Voyager, then build your own model of Voyager in space.

Courtesy NASA

Voyager Golden Record.jpg
Courtesy NASA

Voyager's "Golden Record" contains music, sound, and images from Earth explaining to exterrestial life what Earth is like. Read more about the "Golden Record" here.

Voyager Model 
  • Shoebox (at least 7 3/4 inches wide)

  • 2 straws

  • 2-4 Sheets of Black Construction Paper

  • String or Dental Floss

  • Aluminum foil 

  • Scissor 

  • Tape

  • Glue Stick

  • Cardboard Toilet Paper Roll Spindel/Tube 

  • Optional: Hole Puncher

  • Printable Cutout Sheet for this Activity (Found at the Bottom of the Week 3 Site Page)

Step 1

If the shoebox has an attached lid, cut the lid off of the shoebox. Cut black sheets of construction paper to fit all interior sides of the shoebox.

Step 2

Use a hole puncher to make "stars" out of aluminum foil (or tear little pieces of foil off a sheet of aluminum foil to create the "stars").  Glue the "stars" to the black sheets of construction paper that you already cut.

Step 3

Tape the pieces of construction paper, with the stars, to the inside of the shoebox. Cut a strip of black construction paper that extends from the outside top of the shoebox to the underside part of this shoebox.

Step 4

Cut a toilet paper roll tube in half.  A half tube should measure about 2 inches long. (Set aside one of the halves for another project or use.) If using a paper towel tube, cut the paper towel tube so that the tube measures about 2 inches long. Press your hand over a tube, that measures about 2 inches long, so as to flatten it down.  Then, open this tube and flatten it the opposite way so as to bend the tube into the shape of a square.

Step 5

Wrap the tube in aluminum foil. Use a scissor to make a hole in one end of the tube. Then, make a hole in the opposite end. Have a parent help you with this step.

Step 6

Thread string or dental floss through both holes in the tube. Use a scissor to make two holes in the top side of the shoebox. The holes at the top of the shoebox should be about  1 - 1.5 inches apart.

Step 7

Cut a straw 2 inches long and wrap it in aluminum foil. Insert the straw the hole in the side of the cardboard tube. Enlarge the hole with scissors if necessary.

Step 8

Cut out another 2 inch straw piece and wrap it in aluminum foil. Cut out the items on the cutout sheet for this activity.

Step 9

Tape the cutout of Voyager's telescope to the end of the other 2 inch wrapped aluminum straw. Insert this straw into the other hole of the cardboard tube.  (Use a scissor to enlarge this other hole if needed.)

Step 10

Cut out the satellite dish, making sure to cut only on the dotted lines. Bring the two ends of the satellite dish together to make the sides curved. Tape the satellite dish in place. Tape the inside ring of the satellite dish to the inside top of the cardboard tube.

Step 11

Cut out a 6 inch piece of straw and wrap it in aluminum foil. Insert it into Voyager between the satellite dish and the body of the spacecraft as pictured below.

Step 12

On the golden record cutout, write your favorite things about Earth.  Voyager contained a "golden record" that contained popular images and sounds on Earth for intelligent life to find should Voyager be discovered by them.  (Read more about the golden record here.) If you had the chance to add to this record, what would you include on the golden record?   You can list your favorite things about earth like your favorite food, places to go and things to do.  Glue the golden record near the top of the black construction paper that is inside the  shoebox which faces frontward.

Step 13

Tape the rest of the items from the cutout sheet onto Voyager's sides. 

Step 14

Tie the string from Voyager through the 2 holes on the shoebox.


You have now completed your model of Voyager!

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