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Moon Phases

Have you ever noticed the moon looks different every night? In this activity, you will learn about the different phases of the moon, and then you'll model the phases using cookies.

Learn why the moon goes through phases:

Video Courtesy European Space Agency- ESA

See real-life video of the moon's phases:

Video Courtesy NASA

Cookie Moon Phases Activity
Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 3.35.13 AM.png

Above Image of Oreo Moon Phases courtesy of NASA.

  • Chocolate Sandwich cookies (e.g., Oreos)

  • Utensil with straight edge (e.g., plastic knife or fork)

  • Paper plate

  • Scissor

  • Black construction paper (optional)

  • Printable cutout sheet for this activity (found at the bottom of Cosmoto's "Week 2"site page)

Step 1

Carefully remove the top cookie from the sandwich.

Step 2

Use the straight edge of a utensil (e.g., plastic knife) to scrape off some of the cream to model each moon phase. Copy the photo for each phase at the top of this activity.

Step 3

Put all of the cookie phases together as in the picture below.  Match each cookie phase with the cutout of each phase name.  You have finished modeling the moon's phases!

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