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Star Hunt

Learn about the different types of objects in the night sky, then practice identifying the constellations with a hands-on activity.

The Night Sky

The Night Sky

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  • Paper towel cardboard tube

  • Black and/or dark blue construction paper

  • Toothpicks

  • Aluminum foil (optional)

  • Printable cutout sheet for this activity (found at bottom of Cosmoto's "Week 2" site page)

Step 1 

Wrap a piece of blue (or any color) construction paper around the cardboard tube and secure it in place with tape.

Step 2 

Optional: Cut out a strip of aluminum foil and wrap it around the edge of your cardboard tube.

Step 3

Tape the cutout sheet (of the Star Map) on top of a  piece of black construction paper. Use a toothpick  to poke holes through the circles. Do this over carpet.

Step 4

Remove the cutout sheet (Star Map) from the top of the black construction paper which now has holes in it. Tape the black construction paper, which now simulates the "night sky",  to the window.

Step 5

Look through the "telescope" you made to try to identify constellations on the Star Map. Refer back to your Star Map. Once you identify a certain constellation with your telescope, look back to your Star Map and find a constellation right next to it. Then, try to find this constellation on the black sheet of your "night sky."  Hunt for all the constellations on your "night sky" through your "telescope."

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